Tuesday, September 23, 2008

11 Things I am Thankful for! Picture This!

These are not in any particular order....

1. Girlfriends

2. Lazy days by the pool

3. Double sided Fireplace in the Fall! (not decorated yet!)
4. My little Hannah Montana! (she has the guitar, the wig, she knows the words, What am I gonna do?? ha ha)

Isabella as herself!

Isabella as Hannah Montana (I tried to upload the video of her playing the guitar and singing but it wouldn't upload )c: )

5. Ice Cream Boats! You are playing on the Island, sitting half way in the water, keeping an eye on the children when all of a sudden you here bells, lots of bells. You see a boat go by with a blow up palm tree and says Ice Cream on the side. Then the flock tramples you. The flock of kids running towards the ice cream boat! What a great idea!

6. Sunsets from the front porch

7. Days on the Island (Mason's Island)

8. Lady Bugs *they seem to follow me, they are said to be good luck. hmmm I'm not really thinking so right now. *My girlfriends bought me a ladybug tattoo for my birthday.

9. Road Trips with my Isabella

10. Wolfpack/NC State football games!

11. Last (for today) but definitely not least! Licking the left over chocolate out of the bowl after mixing up brownies. mmmm - We don't 'make brownies too often but when we do, we go all out!


Kim said...

Love your picture post! And licking the bowl is definitely the best part of baking brownies:)

Bekah said...

awww I love it!!! your daughter is adorable!

also thank you for your sweet comment on our recent house disappointment, i really appreciate it! Really!