Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween pics

So, I said I would post some pictures from Halloween. Here are a couple. I didn't dress up as Pink as I originally planned, long story, but I didn't dress up, period. But here's my University of North Carolina Cheerleader! The girl got so much candy! We had fun, this was the first year she really has enjoyed trick-or-treating.

And this is how I found her 5 minutes after I told her to brush her teeth.... in the bed, fast asleep, clothes and all. Guess the teeth didn't get brushed that night.


Melodie said...

Cute pics of a cute girl!

Do you want to know what jumped into my mind when I saw that first pic of her? Rocket Pops! You know those red, white, and blue rocket-shaped popsicles that are always around near Independence Day? Her little pigtails with the bright pink tips and blue bow-things, with the pail blond hair in between looks kind of like one of those popsicles (only upside down). Yeah, I'm nuts. I'll go take my meds now.

Melodie said...

I meant "pale", not "pail". Sorry.

Melodie said...

I left you a present over on my blog. Go get it!

FarmGirl said...

Great pic!! I see you have been super busy too....not lots of posting. I am finally checking in....and hoping all is well with you.

Have a blessed Christmas!! And a healthy, happy New Year!